About Us


We at Home and Garden Sales Online are dedicated to conservation and gardening by bringing you recycled plastic and white oak rain barrels, composting barrels, recycling barrels, as well as white oak trash cans.  Decorate your home or patio with our white oak barrel tables, sinks, and decorative barrel heads.

We would like to be your source for all rain barrels and barrel products.  Rain Barrels and More has been making rain barrels since 2000.  While some of our products have changed, our mission has not.  We strive to bring you quality products at low prices!

Currently, we are shipping only to the Contiguous 48 United States.

If you would like to take a look at our products, click on the categories to the left.  We look forward to serving you.

All of our White Oak Barrel products are made from retired whiskey and wine barrels.

All of our plastic barrel products are made from recycled used food grade barrels.

By re-using these barrels to manufacture our products, we are not only protecting our environment by keeping them out of our already over stressed landfills, but also by providing desirable and highly conservation-minded products for our customers.  We feel customers that buy and use our products create a conservation "double whammy."